24 May 2006

Questions about power

And if the world's biggest uranium mine is underway at Roxby Downs/Olympic Dam, could we not have nuclear isotope development and even a nuclear power station (at the very least capable of meeting the power needs of the mine and supporting community, if not feeding into Adelaide and the east coast as a 21st century Snowy) there as well?

What's wrong the idea of swapping new isotopes for old as a means of avoiding nuclear materials falling into the wrong hands, and a bit of value-adding as well?

Wouldn't the proposals/guesses/scare campaign by Clive Hamilton require unsustainable transport/infrastructure costs, or doesn't that matter any more?

Given the mystery over the ownership of Synroc, could Australia not renationalise it and apply it to the waste from Roxby/Olympic?

Would Ports Augusta/Pirie/Adelaide consent to being the nuclear laundries of the world?

What do the local Aboriginal communities think of all this, given their experience with Maralinga?

Would a nuclear industry of such a scale be as careless about safety and as difficult about compensation as the asbestos or tobacco industries?

Can be still criticise Iran's developing nuclear capacity while building our own?

Will Labour split over uranium like it almost did in the '70s, like it did over communism in the '50s?

Is solar really so far from being a viable power technology given the right tax treatment and research focus? Is wind power really likely to be viable at all, a giant boondoggle like monorails?

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