22 April 2008

All very well for some

There is a case to be made for Peter Costello to write his memoirs in his own time on his own equipment, and he will have to answer to the voters of Higgins for how well he does that. His leader failed to make that case, and also made it harder to present a case for government:
"I mean, for goodness sake, Peter Costello has served Australia in public life for 18 years.

"His family has made enormous sacrifices.

"Has he earned his right to write his memoirs?

"You're damn right he has," Dr Nelson said.

None of the above represent any sort of justification. They are the sort of things you say to placate a party room which has slowly built a sense of entitlement which has been quickly ripped away. He is not the only long-serving public servant in the country, nor is his the only family which has made enormous sacrifices.

If he gets this, he might make it to Prime Minister - but he only seems able to truckle to a party room of wounded souls (I'm referring to Nelson, but this could also apply to Costello). A Liberal vision for government and those who work in it is sorely needed.

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