27 August 2009

Hardly working

This is not news, though the journosphere thinks it is.

Rees to stay as Premier? He doesn't decide that. He didn't decide when to become Premier, and when he is replaced that decision too will be made for him. Tell us who makes that decision (and why it's them who makes that decision, all things considered), and ask them. Rees has proven so often that he doesn't know what he's talking about that it simply is not worth sticking a microphone under his nose.

Kenneally for Premier? She's been parachuted into every role she's ever had, pampered and protected before being lifted into the next job, and the next. So her husband's uncle wrote Flying Hero Class: so what? Who cares where she was born? Princess Kristina can't fight, won't fight and Labor have nothing if not a fight on their hands. She hasn't stood up for any good cause as Planning Minister, and couldn't if she tried. She'd make Kerry Chikarovski look like Boadicea.

Della Bosca for Premier? He had a chance but it's gone now. He should have entered the Legislative Assemble in about 1999 and spent the early part of this decade pressuring Carr to hand over. As Health Minister he is frankly pathetic, looking all shocked and hurt when the this week's scandal from years of stuff-ups and neglect becomes so obvious that not even the journosphere can ignore it. His moment has gone - he could have been the anti-Carr, but smarter than Unsworth and with more room to move in winning in '07.

His pantomime insistences on inquiries are wearing thin to the point where he's ignored: it worked for Carr, but not now. The idea that he might be Premier is the nearest thing he's had to credibility since the Night of the Iguana. Labor's answer to Peter Costello except - this.

Sartor? Pat Hills on angry pills. No idea what to do about anything, other than make sexcuses for Labor donors on-camera and savage journos when he thinks the camera's off. You know the grind of campaigning would get to him and he'd snap at the worst possible moment. Long before that, having to apologise/cover up for everything that goes wrong would do his head in. No appeal west of Sussex Street.

Daley? Less time in politics than Rees and Kenneally, just looks sad all the time as well he might: the road system's stuffed and the RTA has that toxic mix of arrogance and incompetence it inherited from Max Moore-Wilton. Tebbutt? Does. Not. Want It. Even Liberals (should) know that you never hold a candle for people who don't want the job. Besides, the minute she took the job Rudd would have to sack her husband as he doesn't want any of that shit infecting his government.

No, the hospitals are falling apart and the schools are net to go, the trains are slower and dirtier than in the age of steam, the road network is hopeless and support for new and existing communities is simply non-existent. All we need now are prison breaks, police corruption and brownouts and everyone who urged NSW not to vote Labor will be vindicated.

Then, of course, the real work will begin. There is one thing worse than NSW Labor not getting back to work - and that is it being fully engaged with the State's problems, and making them much, much worse.


  1. Pat Hills on angry pills

    Heh. I'm stealing that line, even if it means I have to explain who Pat Hills is over and over again.

  2. I was struggling to convey just how insignificant Sartor is. Hills' record as NSW Opposition Leader to Askin bears comparison too.

  3. I've got my favourite deck of cards from a Labor Party conference in 2004 or 2005 (I've lost track) which had the 52 Most Wanted Members Of The NSW Right, in the style of the infamous deck issued to soldiers in Iraq.
    Frank Sartor was listed as "True Believer". It's still fucking funny.

  4. I wanted one of those - only thing I've ever asked ALP head office for, and they wouldn't come through.

    I bet he's a bugger to work for. The only reason the journos keep shilling for him is they want to see him go off every couple of days, or hear him say things that show his inner-cityness (e.g. that Mulgoa is out past Bourke or something).

  5. liamhogan.id.au29/8/09 8:35 am

    I'm not surprised Sussex St couldn't help you; they were a Left faction thing distributed against them.
    You've got my email, I imagine, or can winkle it out fairly easily---my name at my domain. I've realised, just looking, that I've misplaced my deck. Do you want me to go looking for another? Let me know.

  6. Thanks anyway Liam, I spoke to Luke Foley directly and gave him my address. I read that he's ready to take over from Ian Macdonald (like Costello waiting for Howard to give over), and while some might be excited by fresh blood and all that, someone who has failed such a minor task doesn't inspire me in the Augean task of becoming a Labor MP in NSW.