13 September 2009

No news, bad news

Why is this news? Della Bosca has quit and this woman is entitled to go to ground. You can't complain about the cost of journalism while you'rechurning out crap like this. The hypertext headline here is "Kate Ellis and John Della Bosca" - is he doing it with the Federal Sport Minister (the one who didn't know the difference between rugby league and union) or is this just lazy journalism? Everyone looks like Belinda Neal when they're pissed off and facing the journosphere justifying its existence like this.

Why is this news? It was on page 5 of the SMH and about the same for the Oz, under he same heading (the press release was issued free and the commentary is so worthless it may as well be free. Please, another lesson about quality journalism and how costly it is. None of those ministers have the sense or the resources to do anything different to what they're doing now.

Saluszinsky forgot to mention Jodie McKay's new duties in charge of government procurement, the doubling of responsibilities on the hapless David Campbell, the mystery as to why Michael Daley is regarded as anything but a plodder (future leader? Careful, they said that about Reba Meagher) and the lack of relief for out-of-depth Verity Firth - any of which should be a smorgasbord of stories on cronyism and ineptitude for journalists if there were any, and they weren't so expensive.

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