07 November 2012

The Grand Old Praetorians

I wrote an article for the mighty King's Tribune here (but you need to be a subscriber) on US conservative politics, and how a defeat by Mr Romney will most likely encourage rather than discourage them. You can and should support The King's Tribune by clicking this.


  1. Sadly I fear for Obama's life as those rednecks will want blood and will be angry!!

    I see elements of the Liberal Party adopting Republican tactics.

    If they have learn't any lessons from this election is that the normal liberal voter will move away from them as they go to far to the right..

    Tony Abbott looks scared.

    Labour might win the next election and they will go in nice and hard

    Wait and see!!


  2. Goodness!!!

    If those think tank "jerks" get media coverage i only hope that we might have the privilege of seeing your delightful self on television soon???