04 March 2013

Australia's political parties in the Asian Century

You know how I wasn't going to blog that often and was going to do other stuff elsewhere instead? This is the sort of thing I meant: now at King's Tribune, with only the freshest code and no hormones or artificial sweeteners.


  1. Yet another excellent piece of work, Andrew. I really must subscribe to King's Tribune.

  2. Wow!

    Ted Bailleau gone, Napthine in...

    Never ceases to amaze me Andrew...

    1. Some wag over at Crikey asked, "Napthine? Isn't that what you put in with your clothes to repel moths?". I think it was a comment in response to First Dog on the Moon.

  3. Very funny.....!!!

    Thats why they won a Walkely for First Dog on The Moon....

    The Greek disease of Politics may sadly enter The Liberals in Victoria...

    That being hubris,narcissism,self entitlement et al...