31 May 2013

A constructive suggestion for media

Here is my suggestion for a positive model for reforming the way that the media reports on politics. Either a smart outlet will pick up this model and gain credibility that traditional outlets have lost, or an online outlet will build that credibility, or people will muddle through as they are doing now with a mix of both (yes, Gay Alcorn, a mix of both).


  1. Fine sentiments in that article Andrew, but the media won't listen and are beyond change.

    Barrie Cassidy's dreadful piece on ABC's The Drum this morning (claiming that the incumbents are a lame-duck government, WTF) demonstrates yet again that bullshit will override any form of rational well-argued opinion, backed by their editorial team thankyou very much.

    As sales figures plummet and trust in their "product" declines, journos continue with their circle-jerk... and just watch them gnash and wail when they do get laid off.

  2. Thank you, that was informative [as were the links].


  3. Waleed Aly has written some great pieces in The Age about policy Andrew

    Keep listening to Radio National Drive when you can.

    Brilliant Show!

    Very smart man with a quirky and fun way of presenting politics

    Great for gen y!

  4. Maybe we should all be wearing t-shirts with a slogan like=

    Its the policy stupid!


  5. http://monash.edu/news/show/queens-birthday-honours-success

    BREAKING NEWS...off tangent Andrew but worthy of recognition here on this fine blog!

    Congratulations to Liberal stalwart Mr Petros Georgiou for receiving an OAM.

    His services towards multiculturalism and refugees has been exemplary throughout his political career.

    Classy Liberals are never forgotten but always respected with high regard for their wisdom

    If only Mr Abbott could display the same heart as this man once did as he still does!!

    Take a bow sir..


  6. Yep

    Our media has become a little evil!!

    Thanks to those idiot executives that Murdoch employs...