30 August 2013

Meanwhile in the Senate

My piece on the 13 marginal seats you won't hear about in the slow media is here, where the mighty King's Tribune look after it so well and place it in such good company.


  1. are you at home Andrew,, wondering how your feeling about things in despair I had hope but did not know to now that ess has also slipped back they will be putting out another one on Thursday or Friday I rang them

    will check back later

  2. It seems that the nasties are going to win Andrew ...

    sigh sigh sigh sigh

    I hope you are in a good place when the results come in Saturday...

    Thanks for a fine blog and please continue to write post election

    You gave the fourth estate a run for it's money..



    I hope Mirabella/Panopoulos loses her seat for the sake of humanity


  3. VoterBentleigh5/9/13 8:01 am

    Bingo! Thirteen senators: unlucky for some! Despite the number of candidates, it still will give immense satisfaction to vote below the line this election.

    Thanks for another interesting and informative analysis.

    Just as a postscript, I hear the Opposition leader has already prepared his victory speech. Presume it begins with those immortal words: “This is the humblest day of my life...”.