15 July 2014

Abbott can't escape the trap

Nicholas Stuart has answered his own question.


  1. "The budget is a shambles. This was the moment when things really began to fall apart and this was Joe Hockey’s fault."

    Yeah, not too bad a summary of this government's woes considering the space available.

    But I would nit pick the quote above.
    "This was the moment when things really began to fall apart ..."
    Well no, it wasn't.
    It had started well before.
    It, the support for the COALition and the public perception for that sorry bunch, had clearly disintegrated well before the budget loomed on the horizon.
    Months before, several months.

    Poll Bludger's BludgerTrack had support for the COALition down to around 52:48 two party preferred with the ALP in front months before the budget as a result of a downward trend for the COALition since December 2013 from their election result of 53.5%.

    Before the budget the COALition had lost more than 5% of its support.

    The budget, and other issues, has merely exacerbated the visible pre-budget decline.


  2. He forgot to mention Morrison and the disaster that is the 'boat people' & 'operational secrecy' bs. Or is that only of interest to the more humanitarian amongst us?