13 April 2006

Climate change

Earth's climate is changing to an extent that can't be explained by the fluctuations of the seasons. Scientists are almost unanimous in asserting this, and those who deny it tend to nitpick, define the term narrowly, or deny that industry is to blame. In other words: proof is strong, proof against is weak, that the weather is generally getting warmer.

How then to explain stupidity like this? Has a latter-day champion of free enterprise started bagging capitalism, reverting to his leftist roots? When this happens you can tell the poor conflicted bugger has been put in a spot he doesn't want to be in. Nobody expects David Morgan or Richard Pratt to singlehandedly turn this phenomenon around but endorsing overwhelming hopelessness is in nobody's interest - not even theirs.

there is nothing Australia can do to change it in any way we could measure.

In any case where there is a problem requiring a practical solution, I'd back Australians to be among the leaders in developing a solution (insert references to stump-jump ploughs, wine casks, Hills hoists and aircraft black-boxes here). It pains me greatly that we don't have a government that will back the spirit of its people in this way. When the problem is as big as climate change, blame is a secondary issue. If only there was a way to stop him starting sentences with: "so".

It might not even be a problem. The House of Lords report even suggested we might not be worse off with warming, on the whole, given how much better plants will grow.

This would be the House of Lords in Britain, then, stacked full of people who donate to the Labour Party of Britain, which might end up with a climate similar to that of modern Australia. It is the Australian climate which will be altered for the worse. The Lords is not famous for having its finger on the pulse of a fast-changing world, and they may underestimate the visual pollution involved when Poms get their kit off whenever the temperature goes above 20*C.

Why complain about emission controls? Emissions occur when a machine is not efficient enough to extract all of the energy in its fuel. The push for greater fuel efficiency is entirely consistent with the advances arising from the advances of capitalism. So, however, are angry pop-eyed little shits let off their leashes to bite the ankles of those who are trying to make a positive difference in the world.

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