01 May 2008

Walk like a man

Troy Buswell is not good enough to become Premier of Western Australia and he should stand down.

This article is your standard pissant political reporting piece: who's up, who's down, who's challenging and who's staying put. It's also morally empty, not just in terms of the chair-sniffing and bra-snapping (and failing to mention his role as Crichton-Browne's messenger boy) but in terms of foreshadowing how inadequate a Premier this man would be. Nobody cares what he may or may not say to CEDA - his credibility is so shot that nobody would believe he'd have the capacity to pull off his proposals.

This support is meaningless. If any member of Nelson's frontbench was as silly as Buswell, Nelson would have to sack them. The idea that he'd have confidence in someone he wouldn't be able to tolerate on his own frontbench is meaningless, and devalues the very idea of a Brendan Nelson's endorsement.

Piss off Buswell, the state and the opposition are bigger and more important than you. Barry Court should've asked Buswell to fall on his sword, and pushed for preselections to get people other than gutless NCB lickspittles into politics. Ian "orange-bellied" Campbell and Chris Ellison could have Carpenter and Labor on toast if they wanted to. Be the man you wish you were and take your toxic presence away from politics, you have no vision for government and couldn't get it up anyway.

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