21 June 2009

Double-fault at Kooyong

The Victorian Liberals apparently held "the largest preselection vote in the party's history ... under a new, more democratic system", and they botched the result.

They elected notorious flim-flam man Josh Frydenberg, sucked in!
... Liberal Party sources said Mr Frydenberg wanted to re-establish Kooyong as a fund-raising powerhouse.

Whose funds, Melissa? To what ends, Melissa? Keep a close eye on the flim-flam man and make sure he doesn't leak any state secrets to loony News Ltd columnists, or something.


  1. What happened to Petro, the only respectable member of the Libs?


  2. I thought he should've been Shadow Immigration Minister myself - but he's decided he's had enough, and who can blame him. Liberals can't talk about renewal until they can persuade some of their veterans to step down. Trouble is that when Frydenberg is as old as Petro is now, he won't have achieved a fraction as much.