18 January 2010

Still an issue

The Defence pay bungle, affecting the SAS and the RAAF, and no doubt other agencies. Big issue early last year, Rudd lost a Cabinet Minister over it.

Has this problem been fixed? Is it likely to occur again? It would be worth putting these questions to Senator Faulkner as, for all their conceit as investigators and a "fourth estate", the journosphere has simply dropped this issue and simply rehash press releases as "media content".

If ADF personnel are being mucked around on pay this is a significant poitical issue and a fundamental failure of government. It doesn't matter if the press gallery has "moved on", this is precisely the sort of issue that is worth revisiting in a "slow news week".


  1. David Irving (no relation)22/1/10 4:49 pm

    When I was in the Regular Army, we never had pay problems.

    Of course, it was still a paper-based system ...

  2. This post is frighteningly prescient... good work.