19 September 2010

More power to Hodgman

This is fantastic! For the first time in ten years I feel anything like getting involved in Liberal Party activities. Go hard, Will Hodgman, and drive Abetzoids from Tasmania like St Patrick apparently did to Irish snakes. You have nothing to lose and the Tasmania (and a yet-to-be-grateful nation!) has everything to gain.


  1. So far its all 'no comment' from Abetz.

    I wonder how it will play out.

    Surely this means some Fed Libs will be drawn in.

  2. Abetz will make some airy dismissal followed by blistering denunciations from some fool wholly owned by Abetz.

  3. I look forward to the fool's denunciations. :)

    Should be lots of fun. A shame a senior figure won't take David Clarke head on.