29 August 2011

The Situation in this blog

A week or so ago I read an article about a US TV show called Jersey Shore. The character known as The Situation reminded me of Tony Abbott: for his me-me-me sense of priority, perspective and propriety; his in-depth knowledge of the Australian economy, and his vision for our society and this country generally.

In this blog, references to "The Situation" should be read as: The Hon A J Abbott, MA Oxon BEc LLB Syd, MP, etc., Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition in Australia pro tem.


  1. Thanks - had me baffled.

  2. You could have spared us the pictorial comparison, Andrew. I was eating...

  3. Though the Situation (the Abbott version) looks even smugger than the original Situation.

    Oh, and if Abbott is such a smarty pants, why doesn't he even have "(Hons)" after his degree initials? False modesty? Or maybe, at uni, he was too busy slugging it out in the ring.

  4. Thanks! Although I'd worked out you meant Mr Abbott from the context, I had no idea where you got the pseudonym from.

    Beats Alan "Juliar" Jones attempts at wit hands down as well :-)

  5. Lachlan Ridge30/8/11 4:28 pm

    We all know what sort of a wit the failed candidate for Earlwood, Mr Jones, is.

    Every time I see the, err, Situation I am reminded of William Butler Yeats great line from The Second Coming:

    "The best lack all conviction
    And the worst are full of passionate intensity"

  6. peter warrington24/1/12 9:12 pm

    haha lachlan great call. as a child of the earlwood electorate in 78, it's still one of my proudest "achievements"