22 September 2011

Shanahan counter-spun

Let's take this article by Dennis Shanahan, keep the facts the same but spin them a little differently.

Tony Abbott desperate to crush Julia Gillard

TONY Abbott is so desperate for a Labor leadership change he can taste it.

The Opposition Leader and his colleagues are doing everything they can to turn the longest, worst period of polling for any modern federal government into the end of Julia Gillard.

There are two reasons for Abbott's intensity: first, he wants to focus people's frustrations onto Gillard rather than himself; and, second, he fears Kevin Rudd.

As a result of the latest Newspoll - Labor's primary vote was a record low 26 per cent and has been under 30 per cent for three months, the same period that Abbott has been preferred prime minister - Liberals and some Labor MPs believe Gillard's leadership is terminal.

Abbott's attitude is to knock over an opponent whenever possible, but the fact that Gillard is still standing is an indictment of his supposedly ferocious political skills, and makes her look strong. His main aim is to spark an election he would be certain to win on the current polling, but none of the independents can bear the man.

There is an added reason for Abbott's wish to act as soon as possible against Gillard, which includes the short-term opportunism of assisting the snuffing-out of offshore processing of asylum-seekers.

Abbott, like many Liberal MPs and more than the handful of Labor MPs who are die-hard Rudd supporters, believes Rudd is the only logical choice to replace Gillard, and the only one who can save once-safe Labor seats.

Logic would suggest that Abbott would want to keep Gillard in the Prime Ministership for as long as possible. Yet, the longer Julia Gillard stays where she is, the worse it is for Abbott. Questions must be asked about Abbott's inability in blocking any Labor legislation, in knocking off any ministers (or even Craig Thomson), or persuading Labor to cauterise a supposedly unpopular Prime Minister.

Legendary rugby league commentator Rex Mossop once complained that a player was so ineffective that he "couldn't knock a sick girl off a toilet": a description so harsh it becomes weird, but one which Abbott's late constituent might apply to the current Liberal leader.

Rudd's continuing popularity, his previous preference as prime minister over Abbott, his Queensland connections and a sympathy vote all worry the Liberal leader. Rudd had it all over Abbott 18 months ago, and for all his flaws Rudd is considerably more assiduous in policy development than the supposedly tough Abbott.

But Abbott's biggest fear about Rudd is that the former prime minister will be held back as a last-minute change and go to an election before a second honeymoon wears off.

If Abbott has to face Rudd, he wants time to remind voters why they were turning off the former prime minister before he was dumped by his colleagues. In turn, Rudd would have little trouble pointing out to voters why they have never really warmed to Abbott.


  1. Hahaha, nice! Though annoyingly today the Herald is bootstrapping this stupid issue even more:



    It'd be nice if more realised that people are promoting RUDDSTORATION for reasons that aren't good for Labor or progressive policy in general.

  2. Hillbilly Skeleton23/9/11 7:50 am

    Even BFF Karl Stefanovic tried to pin down on the mat the slippery eel of politics on The Today Show this morning over the misleading nature of Nigel Scullion's tattle tale about Trish Crossin's phone conversation with Kevin Rudd about the leadership.
    As per usual, 'The Situation', covered in the maximum amount of Baby Oil to facilitate his getting out from under act, neither confirmed nor denied the veracity of the story, so conveniently left it hanging in the minds of the viewers, and then swiftly moved on to one of his well-crafted sledges of the government, based upon absolutely no evidence at all, and which, if true and turned back at him, could also be said about his own side of politics. If only the government could find a suitably loquacious headkicker to sink the slipper back into Abbott and the Coalition the way they do it to the government. Sigh.
    They are probing for the sweet spot and giving a few back and front benchers a tryout, it is good to see(and which would evaporate if Mr I,I,I,Kevin Rudd came back into the picture). So far Stephen Conroy on The Today Show on a Thursday is doing the best, for mine.
    Also, it's obvious to Blind Freddy that the day after Kevin Rudd 'succeeded' in returning to the leadership, out would come the 'Kevin O'Lemon ads on You Tube, as would the props and the media 'revisiting' his time as PM. And down would go the polls all over again, with a tag of absolute inconsistency and 'a shambolic government' thrown about with gay abandon.

  3. Shane you are 100 per cent right. If News Corp is promoting a Rudd resurrection you know that can't be a good thing for labor. I'm actually a Rudd fan. But it's too late now for labor to panic and change horses. They tried that with Julia and only got a sugar high. They go back to Kev it will be the same thing.
    If julia can turn up to the next election with a solid record of achievement behind her, she will make mince-meat of Abbott. Even die-hard libs know he's a fool. So put your head down and govern well, Julia: it's the only path to survival.

  4. To mangle a metaphor: is Brer Rabbott really saying "please, please throw the Ruddster into the Independent's patch"?

  5. Shane, HS & Anon: got a piece coming up soon on a Ruddstoration, stay tuned.

    Richard: Abbott is on his last legs. If Gillard is still there at Easter he's finished.