01 February 2012

On the Drum

Here is my latest article for ABC's The Drum ("The beast" refers to the notion that the media is a hungry beast which must be fed constantly, regardless of what it feeds on, as though it is excused from human agency). Here is a list of all articles I've written for them.


  1. Andrew, you get better with every piece.

    Thanks again for your insight.

  2. On eof your (many gems). A small cavil - I listen to the World Service of the BBC, and on consecutive nights it included the shenanigans in its lead bulletin (saying more about their expat-Empire listenership base than that they've reached the tabloid circus of moat media).

    Sadly, the Oz msm is still valorized or at least power wielding. Would Rinehart sink $200m into a start up with equally poor profit prospects as Fairfax? It's a dizzying scenario: news media on Ritalin, dumbing down to chase fleeting eyeballs, or news media subsidized by two distinctly unphilanthropic billionaires.

  3. I thought Australian political reporting couldn't get any worse... then last weekend happened.

    A massive mountain made from a small molehill.

    Andrew, I agree with you that Julia Gillard is getting harsh treatment from the media because like Billy McMahon, she didn't suck up to them. However, I'm not sure she can get away with ignoring them.

    The mainstream media (particularly the newspapers) are a dying format, but they appear to still have enough strength to make a massive whirlwind of total bullshit out of nothing.

    Tony Abbott can continue to do or say whatever he wants with barely any scrutiny.

  4. The Canberra Press Gallery, as you rightly point out, know that they're time is up. No-one with any serious interest in politics takes them seriously or bothers discussing their articles other than to show up their ineptitude.

    They know it and they're angry as all hell, but they only have themselves to blame. Newspapers are only good for a bit of sport and Hollywood gossip over a coffee.