28 May 2013

Recent pieces

When Margo Kingston from Australians for Honest Politics (and now Macquarie University) asked me to write something on George Brandis, I thought I'd draw on his extensive background as a champion of free speech. After ending up several dry gullies I came out with this.

When people started making allowances for Tony Abbott and implying that he has a liberalism that he simply does not have and has never had, it shat me no end and I wrote this. To write that I put off once again by long-promised article on how the NDIS might show a different and better way of reporting politics, which has now been delivered to the long-suffering crew at King's Tribune and is being wrestled into shape as we speak.

The e-book is coming along, slowly.

See, I can write short blog posts. When they relate to my achievements they're very short indeed.

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  1. Both terrific articles Andrew, I was getting worried that they had carted you off to the gulag.