06 April 2009

You first

When times are tough there is an increase in activity by fascists, a disgusting predicament that is yet another side-effect of the failure to properly regulate the economy to avoid the type of economic circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Australia has a proud record in fighting fascism, and it seems the good works continue with FDB. Given the origins of their name I thought they were just another Trotskyite fire-with-fire AFA outfit that lowered themselves to skinhead standards of direct action violence, but Fight Dem Back plays a smarter game in terms of getting the information out there and blowing down the facades ("Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association" my arse!) behind which these bullies cower.

At last, the idea that those who would deny free speech and citizenship to others are not themselves worthy of protection in public debate has been recognised, and forms a basic motivation for FDB. It is hypocrisy to extend neonazi groups a freedom that they would suppress. It is fundamental to participation in debate that one does not deny the freedom to associate, speak out and work peacefully for social reform to others, on a racial basis or any other. No patriot would divide and conquer on the basis of race. Germans and Austrians treated these people with kid gloves and had their countries smashed as a result; other countries would do well to shut them out of the public debate, and FDB show how they shrivel and wince when the sun shines upon them. Nobody needs to hear what they have to say, we've heard it all before and the hearing of it makes things worse not better, makes free speech weaker not stronger for pretending that its enemies may have a point.

It is a shame that this clown hasn't had the book thrown at her, subject to criminal investigation well beyond the inconvenience of being "suspended". Any Thales employee who has acted under her instruction cannot be certain that they have done so toward the better defence of Australia.

Sometimes they're funny, like the Illinois Nazi clip above, or the Hitler tribute on Anzac Day (could they miss the point any more than they have? Why not re-enact the Kormoran and sink themselves off the WA coast), or Saleem's mispronunciation of his own surname. Most of the time though, they should be firmly cauterised from public participation by exposure and marginalisation. I'm not a member of FDB and, having seen far-right stacks in the Liberal Party, understand their restricted membership. I congratulate them on their fine work and wish it were reinforced by the kind of public honours that currently go to insider traders. I hope it only ends when the last fascist chokes on their own bile.

Gandhi said that the Jews of 1940s Europe, rather than resisting the Nazis, should have committed mass suicide to draw attention to their plight - he had it the wrong way around. Fascists, who would seek the extermination of whole peoples, who claim that others sully the world in which they would live, should top themselves to draw attention to their plight and demonstrate what they want.

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