25 February 2011

Kia kaha

Kia kaha, Christchurch!
People proud of their dullness, hardiness and sense
Of place find it hard to be told that
You can't go home again.

Kia kaha, Libya!
How have you put up with this shit for so long? He'll break
Many of you, and break the hearts of those who survive,
But your spirit shows already that a free Libya will be worth it.

Kia kaha, Zimbabwe!
Mugabe has sent his bullies to do unto Libya what he has done unto you for
So long. Take heart from distant neighbours by the Nile and Mediterranean;
The old man can't deliver what little he offers, stop cringing behind him in embarrassment.

Kia kaha, Oruzgan!
Do you really believe that your lives will get better if the Aussies leave?
If so, let us know.
If not, let us know.

Kia kaha, Cuba!
The Yanks know already that you can't be pushed around,
But your government doesn't. They expect you to be grateful but look
At northern Africa and the Middle East. Once you have
A firm place to stand, push them over.

Kia kaha, government of Pakistan!
If India offers you cash for Kashmir, take it;
If KarzaiLtd offers you cash for the North West Provinces, take it;
More money, less hassle; what's not to like?

Kia kaha, Ireland!
Fucked by Church and Mammon, you've dealt
With worse, and are better for having dealt with that,
But how much better do you have to get?

Kia kaha, Taiwanese factory workers!
This phone you made me isn't that great really.
I can't talk to Telstra about it, so what
Could I possibly say to you about this thing you made?

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