17 July 2013

My review of 'The Stalking of Julia Gillard'

You can read my review of The Stalking of Julia Gillard by Kerry-Anne Walsh here at the King's Tribune, where they take such good care of it.


  1. I'm persuaded that they did it. I saw evidence of that every day. Why did they do it? Was it simply because they weren't forewarned about the "coup" and looked a little flat footed as a result? And, given the short attention span exhibited by all parties involved, why/how did it go on for so long?

  2. I'm still looking forward to your take on the Press Gallery embargo, Andrew.

    Excellent review, as expected. I look forward to an analysis of both the Press Gallery and the MSM for the very good reason that reaction of the public to Ms Gillard was overwhelmingly hostile. I fear, from other in-the-field ALP campaigners that the public goodwill could not be won back, despite the legislating, administrative and governing success of her government.

    That is in contrast to my own beliefs, and yours, that Sawford's Law and the outstanding social program deliveries would be enough to overcome the personal hostility, especially given the alternative was the fake Abbott.

    It appears that the media conditioning has had an effect over time. I felt (hoped) at one stage the hostility might reach a saturation point, as in the boy who cried wolf, but it does not seem to have. Why I think it is conditioning is that Gillard at forums, even at press conferences, handles all questions with a large degree of ease and trust. There is nothing of the Demon Lady in any of this.

    But, as with Lindy Chamberlain, it appears that the majority of the public is fixed in the view of her. It's their loss more than Gillard's.